How to Hire a Roofing Repair Contractor

You’re facing a roofing repair; your roof is leaking. You’re worried about the cost and about who you can find to do the repair expertly and quickly. Few of us have a roofing repair company on our rolodex or computer address book, and roofing jobs are seldom minor projects. However, hiring someone to repair your roof doesn’t have be stressful.

Where to Look for a Roofing Repair Contractor
Most of us start looking for a repair person in the yellow pages. Although not a terrible place to begin, I’d suggest going to the people you know, first. Ask you friends, family and co-workers who own a home if they’ve worked with a good roofing contractor recently. If such inquiries don’t yield results, return to the telephone book and look for well-established roofers who are listed with the local Better Business Bureau.

If your area has an Angie’s List or similar company where homeowners can read and post reviews about home improvement companies, make sure to consult them. Such organizations are a gold mine of unbiased information about roofing companies and other contractors. Always spend some time doing your homework before hiring a contractor. Talk to your neighbours and friends as well, as word of mouth is always the best way to go.

Questions to Ask a Roofing Repairman
When interviewing a roofing specialist, ask for the company’s license number and their contact information. In this age of mobile offices, the contractor may not have a bricks and mortar office, but they should at least have a telephone contact that works as well as a standard listing in the yellow pages. See if they have a list of satisfied customers that you can call for a recommendation.

Don’t necessarily hire the first person who knocks on your door. Unlicensed and poorly trained roofers often arrive in a neighbourhood right after a storm, when homeowners are anxious to get their roofs repaired. A roofing repair job is generally not cheap and poses a threat of major damage to your home if such a job is not done correctly.

Working with a Roofing Repair Contractor
Before the roofing repair contractor starts working on your roof, ask about his insurance coverage. Will he be able to pay if he inadvertently damages your house? What if he falls off of your roof and injures himself? Is that your responsibility?

If you are having a major roof repair, it’s a good idea to ask about warranties. Will the company you’re working with guarantee their work for 30 or 60 days? Lastly, ask them to give you a written quote before they begin work.

Hiring a roofing contractor doesn’t have to be difficult. Just remember to do your homework and not to rush into signing with the first company that comes to your door. Done properly, a roofing repair will last for years to come.