Is Slate Roofing Right for You?


Your roof is an inseparable part of your home’s exterior design and property value. In the face of such an aesthetic yet functional part of any home, slate roofing has emerged as the perfect blend between beauty and convenience. But what exactly is slate?

Without delving too deep into minute details, slate is a fine-grained metamorphic rock that, when made into roofing material, boasts both easily stackable slabs and a natural aesthetic. Of course, if that were all it took for you to go out and pick up a few slabs, picking the right material for your roof would not be such a time-consuming affair. Like many things that come with creating your ideal home, roofing material comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and knowing each one’s pros and cons is essential to making the right choice. Fortunately for those still on the fence for slate roofing, we have more than few thoughts to share on the subject!

The Benefits

Of course, what better place to start when discussing a material than the benefits you stand to gain by using them? And with slate, there are more than a few perks to be enjoyed! Starting with the appearance we mentioned above, few, if any, materials can hope to match the rustic air slate can afford your dream property. Couple that with the amount of variety and different finishes the material provides, and you have a mainstay inclusion on roofs across a variety of different homes.

Delving a little deeper into the practical functions of slate roofing, the longevity the product provides can hardly be denied. Take common roofing materials such as asphalt and wood shingles that can only be expected to last, at most, 20 years and compare that to slate that has no issues lasting easily over 50 years and you’ll quickly see why durability is one of the material’s strong suits.

Some Considerations

Now, with the pros of slate roofing neatly tucked away, it would help to read into a few of the considerations that go into installing it. Firstly, finding an experienced team is a must when seeking out this roofing style. Since the material is not all that common, many contractors do not have the experience necessary to install it effectively. If you are particularly excited about the longevity of slate roofing, some extensive research on contractors who can handle that installation is necessary.

Lastly, in exchange for its patented durability, slate carries an incredible weight per slab. Weighing anywhere between 800 and 1,500 pounds, per slab, you will need to have your home structurally evaluated to make sure it can handle that weight.


For those seeking either a natural looking home that turns heads or a functional one built to last, slate roofing can be an exciting prospect! As is the case with most other roofing materials however, carefully weighing the pros and cons will help you truly discover is slate is right for you and your home!