Roof Repair Tips

Doing your own home repairs is becoming an increasingly popular option with homeowners. It typically costs much less than hiring a contractor and some smaller repair projects are simple enough for anyone to do them who has basic carpentry skills. This extends to roofing repairs. Major repairs require professional help. For small repairs, though, these basic roof repair tips will offer a guide on what you can do to strengthen your roof.

Finding Leaks

Most roof repair tips we search for are how to deal with leaks. If you have a leak, your first step is to dry out the area around the leak completely. Then simply replace the shingles where the leak is located and put new ones in their place. You will need to use roofing tar or cement to secure the new shingle section and seal it so there are no cracks through which water can seep into your house. Spots to watch for with leaks are places where surfaces meet – like around your chimney.

Fixing Shingles

Since shingles are the main material for most roofs, a majority of roof repair tips centre on fixing or replacing shingles. Shingles can be made from anything from asphalt to wood, so roof repair tips involving this material can vary depending on what type of shingles you put on your roof. If you have bent back shingles, roof cement or tar can straighten out the shingle. It is recommended you straighten out a shingle in warm weather. When the temperature is cold, bent shingles will be hard and brittle and they can tear or break if you try to straighten them out. If you need to make repairs in cold weather, be sure to take a few minutes and soften the area where the repairs need to be made.

Clean Gutters

A basic step for any roof repair tips is simple maintenance. Use a metal or plastic scoop to clear out leaves, twigs and other debris. This will help your roof drain properly and go a long way to preventing leaks and shingle damage from occurring in the first place.