Tar Roof Repair

Although tar roof repair may seem impossible if it begins to leak, you can definitely patch a tar roof temporarily to stop the leaks until you can completely replace the roof. However, it is often highly recommended that you totally replace the roof to avoid wasting your money. To begin the tar roof repair process, you need to first gather your tools and other supplies. These can be purchased at home improvement stores, roof supply warehouses, and so forth.

Tar Roof Repair Tools

1 or 2 buckets of tar

Asphalt saturated fabric (either fiberglass or cotton)

Utility knife with spare blades

A few dry rags or towels

A Plastic towel (to spread the tar)

Tar Roof Repair Process

  1. Make sure the tar roof repair area is dry. Then, look for any cracks, blisters, or other openings.
  2. Cut out any blisters using your utility knife. To do so, make a large X-shaped cut and pull the tar back a bit to let it dry. You should also open up any cracks and let them dry, as well.
  3. Using the plastic towel, apply a thick layer of tar under the areas that you cut after they have dried. Then, set the sliced portions from the roof into the newly laid tar.
  4. Using the towels or rags, clean up the area underneath the X-shaped marks. Make sure to sweet away any dirt and dust under, around, and over the area of the cut.
  5. Spread an even layer of tar (at least 1/8” thick) over the tar roof repair area you just patched.
  6. Cut a piece of the asphalt saturated fabric big enough to cover the area you repaired and place it into the tar. Use a towel or rag to set it in. You want the fabric to get saturated enough with tar that you see it coming through the other side of the fabric.
  7. On top of the fabric and past its edges, smooth another thin layer of tar.
  8. Then, feather the edges into the old areas of the roof around it.
  9. With your hands, place the gravel back over the area you just repaired.
  10. Then, add another layer of fabric over the tar roof repair area for extra protection.