The Different Kinds of Slate Roofing


Your roof is an invaluable fixture for your home. Providing shelter from rain, snow, winds, and so much more mother nature can throw our way, the right roofing is what allows us to call a property a home. While this may be the case, many overlook the fact that their roof can also imbue their home with quite a bit of personality and individual flare!

Considering both aesthetics and practical benefits, slate roofing delivers strongly on both fronts, providing a top to your home that promises shelter and bolstered curb appeal. Of course, there is more than one variety of slate roofing to be enjoyed and whichever one is right for you depends on your home’s appearance and your personal preferences. Fortunately, our team of experienced professionals can give you a bit of a primer on what to expect from these extra durable and rustic roofs. Keep these qualities in mind and find the perfect roof style for you and your home!

Standard Slate Roofs

The most common slate roofing is composed of rectangular slates ¼”-⅜” in length and width. These standard slates are laid uniformly and carefully aligned for a more systematic and clean appearance. The benefits of standard slate roofing are not strictly limited to just the aesthetic either! In fact, in a previous post, we mentioned a few other perks and considerations to keep in mind.

Patterned/Multi Coloured Slate Roofs

With patterned and coloured slate roofs we begin to see more room for creativity and personalization. These variants of slate roofing incorporate multiple slabs of different colours, courses, and patterns and brings them together to create a diverse yet unified appearance. With so many different looks such as floral and geometric patterns made available to you, you can really evoke that wholly unique look for your home you have always dreamed of.

Multi coloured slate roofing has also become increasingly popular as time goes on. Homeowners will commonly blend a medley of 3 or 4 colours using a mixture of both unfading and semi-weathering colours to ease transitions from shade to shade, resulting in a variable but distinctly coherent and vibrant appearance for their roofs.

Graduated Length Slate Roofs

As opposed to patterned and multi coloured slates, graduated length slate roofing delivers variation in the size of the slabs used. As is most common with this style, larger and wider pieces of slate will be used on the eaves of a home’s roof, since these are the areas that hold the most water, and will gradually bleed into the smaller slates at the top of the fixture. The sizes of these slabs can depend on what is readily available from your supplier, however, the result will always be an aesthetically pleasing roof with varied slate appearance.

Textural Slate Roofs

If the goal of all the other slate roof styles up until this point was to create a unified appearance and design, textural slate roofs exist to break that convention and create a design that looks rustic and composite in nature. The end game with this kind of roofing is to create a textured look for the top of your home. This is accomplished by using slates of varying thickness, much like in graduated length slate roofs, but deviates by placing them adjacent to each other as opposed to placing similarly sized slabs near each other. This results in a rougher and more strewn about appearance that works quite well for homes in need of that natural charm and beauty!


Much like every other fixture of your home, it is important to balance both practicality and personal taste when picking your roofing materials. If you do elect to use slate for your next home project, you can at least rest assured knowing a cornucopia of aesthetic options are available to you!