A Guide to Roof Repair


Is your roof weathered and worn? It may be time for a roofing repair. For a job like this, we don’t recommend trying to do this on your own. We suggest that you call on a team of skilled and experienced professionals that you can trust. With all the right tools and knowledge, they are guaranteed to produce great results.

Make a plan

The first step in roofing repair is to size up the work that needs to be done. Your professional of choice should determine what supplies they will need and how much. After that, your house should be fully protected from any possible damage created by the repair process. From siding to plants and bushes, your home should be well covered by large tarps or plywood.

Out with the Old

In order to properly execute the process, your old roofing materials will have to be completely removed. This way, your foundation can be properly inspected before the new roof is applied. Your roofer will check to ensure that the wood beneath the shingles is in great condition, this includes re-nailing the wood to ensure security.

It is the job of the expert to ensure there are no wet or rotten areas. If this turns out to be the case, the existing wood will need to be replaced. Your new shingles will not stay secure if your wood is in poor condition.

In with the New

Upon completion of the roof inspection, your roofer will apply the necessary installations such as the drip edge which protects from rain and snow getting into your home’s foundation. In addition to the drip-edge, they will also install an ice and water shield as well as roofing felt. All these components serve as a protective underlayer to the new shingles that will be applied from bottom to top.


Roofing repair is not as easy as it seems. Having the help of an experienced professional will make a world of differenced and potentially save you from a great deal of pain and injuries. If you want your roof to look better than ever, we encourage you to call your favourite team of professionals to get the job done with precision and attention to detail!